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Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to that challenge. A reliable pressure washer. Pressure washers are an ideal way to get rid of the dirt and grime that accumulates outside your home or place of business. You’d be surprised just how far the benefits of pressure washing your property can go.

Pressure Washing Enhances Your Property Value
Pressure washing is one of the most economical ways to increase your property value. Having a clean, welcoming entrance really sets a huge first impression when receiving visitors.

Pressure Washing Means Preventative Maintenance for Your Property
Making sure that your walls, sidewalks, roofs, and any other exterior area are regularly pressured washed is the best way to prevent grime and mildew from breaking down your property’s exterior. Pressure washing is especially important before you paint, as it will guarantee that your paint job lasts much longer.

Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal
Whether your property is going on the market soon or now, you are still going to want to increase your curb appeal. And how can you do that? Pressure washing it. Removing all the mold and mildew and dirt will work wonders on your property’s overall aesthetic.

Pressure Washing Protects Against Dangerous Bacteria
Give it enough time and even the most impeccable parts of your home’s exterior surfaces will begin to accumulate dirt, grime, mildew and other bacteria. This type of unwanted gunk can easily cause allergies or even sickness to both you and your pets. Take the safer route and make sure to pressure wash that bacteria away.

Do you feel like you have a better understanding of the benefits of pressure washing but don’t know how to do it yourself? Don’t worry because Totino’s Property Services has been pressure washing property exteriors all around HRM for years. We have the expertise and resources necessary to make sure everything is cleaned and clear.

<![CDATA[Ask Questions Before Hiring A Cleaner]]>Thu, 17 Sep 2020 23:11:45 GMThttp://totinoswindowcleaning.com/blog/ask-questions-before-hiring-a-cleanerYou must not neglect the windows, but when you do hire a commercial window cleaner there are some questions you should ask before engaging a window cleaning company. To help you out, we’ve supplied a list of these questions below. If you’re still not sure whether to engage a particular company, it’s always fine to ask for references.
A reputable company should always be able to provide you with a reference or two. The bottom line is: don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of window cleaners out there, so how do you choose the right one for you? A good place to start is to check they are properly insured. Is the company covered for public liability insurance or workers compensation insurance? Make sure the company is properly insured before you engage them.

When cleaning windows or working at height, health and safety is a key consideration for companies in the industry. Check whether the company is part of the Better Business Bureau. Are they WCB approved? Are they accredited? Is every employee fully trained?

These are all things you should ask before hiring a window cleaning company. A window cleaning company should stand by its work. If a company fails to carry out a job to the satisfaction of the client, then it should be able and willing to make sure the work is completed so that the client is happy. Totino’s Property Services, for example, offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We always strive to offer the best window cleaning service, but if the client is not happy, we stick around to make sure you are happy. If you’re looking for a professional window cleaning company, get in touch with us today.
<![CDATA[Damage Caused by Blocked Gutters]]>Thu, 17 Sep 2020 23:01:37 GMThttp://totinoswindowcleaning.com/blog/damage-caused-by-blocked-guttersMaintaining and cleaning your guttering may be one of those boring jobs you try and avoid, but it really is vital. If your guttering is blocked and water is not flowing correctly, then it can damage your property in several ways. Typically, damage caused by water is expensive and time-consuming to fix. Below we highlight some of the biggest issues caused by blocked gutters.
Damage to Foundations
Surprisingly, foundation damage is one of the more common issues resulting from blocked gutters. Even though your gutters and foundations are about as far from one another as is possible, it’s very easy to see how problems can quickly occur. The function of guttering is to channel water away from your property and into the sewers. When it rains, water flows down your roof, into the gutters where it is channelled into the downpipes. If your gutters become blocked, this simple process does not occur. The water in your gutters, if it can’t reach the downpipe, will find another exit point. Typically over the top edge of the gutter. The escaped water then runs down your walls and pools on the ground. Over a period of time, it will sink into the properties foundations.

Depending on the length of time the guttering is blocked for, the water can cause cracks, rotting of wood and in serious cases structural problems.

Window Frames, Soffits and Fascias
Any items on the outside of a property are designed to be water-resistant. Under normal conditions, your windows, doors, soffits and fascias will withstand even the wettest of Maritime winters. However, if your guttering is overflowing due to blockages, then the items we’ve mentioned could be getting a regular soaking far and above what rain alone can cause. Over time the wood will start to rot and once this happens you may also see water entering the property.

Roof Damage
Your roof is the closest point to a blocked gutter and can, therefore, suffer the worst damage. Water will quickly find any weak point in the roof structure, potentially causing wood to rot and tile damage. This is also another way the overflowing water can enter your property. A telltale sign of water from blocked gutters entering a property are brown marks and mould appearing on ceilings or exterior walls.

Damage to Gardens
If rainwater is not being properly channelled away from the property, then the excess can easily spill into gardens causing waterlogging. Gardens are very good at dealing with excess water, but if the issue persists, you could find yourself with dead grass and plants in the affected area.

Avoiding Blocked Gutters
To avoid all of the issues mentioned above the solution is to keep your gutters clean and free from debris. This is a job you can complete yourself, providing you have a set of ladders and the right safety equipment. Alternatively, for a relatively modest price, you can have your gutters cleaned professionally. At Totino's Property Services, we’ve invested in gutter cleaning equipment that will quickly and safely clean your gutters. 
<![CDATA[Seasonal Window Cleaning]]>Thu, 17 Sep 2020 22:17:14 GMThttp://totinoswindowcleaning.com/blog/seasonal-window-cleaningKeeping windows clean all year round is a great idea and a great habit to get into. But with the changing seasons and temperamental weather, it can be a tricky task and then could become overlooked. However a professional window cleaner will be able to work around the elements to ensure the maintenance of your windows can be a year round endeavour.
Washing in the winter
You may think that when winter begins and the temperatures drop that you can’t now have your windows cleaned but the reality is you can still have them serviced by a professional who can offer solutions around the chilly conditions. As the nights begin to draw in and there is less sunlight overall, by getting your windows cleaned, you can maximise the amount of brightness in your home which is precious at this time of year.

A professional window cleaner will know how to stay warm whilst doing the job and how to keep their cleaning materials working on your windows whilst the air might be wet and cold. They will also have measures in place to keep the water they are using warmer on frosty days to ensure this does not freeze while cleaning.

Suds in the spring/summer
As we come out of the cocoon of winter and the first promise of sunny days appear, the idea of spring cleaning comes to the forefront. Clean windows in the spring and summer will help your house maximise the amount of sunlight coming through and get rid of pollen around your frames.

A professional cleaner will be able to give your windows a complete overhaul in the summer as temperatures will make the job easier and safer. Whilst hot days are always welcome they present a challenge with cleaning windows as the heat will dry them quicker, before products may have time to work. But the professionals will have the cleaning materials and equipment to cope with scorching days and to make sure your windows stay streak free and gleaming, working fast and efficiently so you can enjoy a spotless view of the sunshine.
<![CDATA[Selling? Add Value With Window Cleaning]]>Thu, 17 Sep 2020 22:05:20 GMThttp://totinoswindowcleaning.com/blog/selling-your-house-add-value-with-window-cleaningIf you’re planning to start the new year in a new place, you’re going to want to be sure your old home has maximum curb appeal. There are plenty of tips and tricks to adding value (and increasing the asking price) of your home, but chances are you don’t have an unlimited budget for home improvement. Where can you put your money so that you get the most bang for your buck?
Having professionally cleaned windows actually can get you a substantial return on your investment. In fact, a survey of real estate agents published in Money magazine found that of all of the different changes you could make to a home going up for sale — from repairing electrical or plumbing issues to updating the kitchen — cleaning the windows actually gave you the best ROI. How much? They estimated you would make a 768% return on your investment. That means for every $100 you spend on window cleaning, real estate agents estimate you’ll increase your home’s selling price by $768.

Why do windows make such a difference? One, they substantially increase your curb appeal. It gives your home a “face lift,” so to speak, making it look more light, bright, and inviting. It doesn’t necessarily jump out that you’ve had work done to your house — it just looks like a lovely home that buyers could imagine sharing with their family. Second, clean windows are something that pretty much everyone can agree on. On the other hand, other types of improvements are much more subjective. Yes, you might think that the tiles and fixtures you chose to update the bathroom look tasteful and modern, but a prospective buyer might not feel the same way.

Similarly, if you aren’t looking to repaint your home, professional power washing is a terrific way to spruce up the exterior. Whether you’ve got stucco or siding, removing any dirt, dust, or debris that’s become trapped will enhance the appearance — and the value — of your home.
<![CDATA[Window Cleaning Crash Course]]>Thu, 17 Sep 2020 21:49:39 GMThttp://totinoswindowcleaning.com/blog/window-cleaning-crash-courseWhether you’re trying to sell your home, having guests over for a party, or you simply want to enjoy your view, having clean windows will make your entire home sparkle. Your windows are a focal point, in and outside of your home, and clean windows give your whole house a visual boost. The opposite is true, too: If your windows have a layer or dirt or grime, it can make the whole place seem less clean than it is. 
The Interior Matters
Maybe you have a maid service or housekeeper, or you think you’ll just do the insides yourself and only have professional window cleaners take care of the outside. It might seem more practical or cost effective, but it’s usually not. Only professional window cleaners have the tools to really do the job well. Your housecleaning service might leave streaks, and if you mean to do the windows yourself but somehow don’t get around to it… well, you’re going to have clean windows on the outside, but if the interior’s dusty and dirty, the windows just won’t look clean.

Windows Are Cleaned Last
If you’re having any other services done around your home — anything from landscaping to power washing to painting — it’s best to save the windows for last. Why? You’d be amazed at the dirt and dust that can be stirred up by even minor maintenance, and when it lands on your windows, there goes that cleaning. It’s also important to know that if you’re having any construction or remodeling work done on your home, drywall mud, paint, or even abrasive chemicals can easily make their way onto your windows. Ask your contractors to tape and cover your windows to avert as much of this as possible. Schedule professional window cleaning last, so that your clean windows can be the finishing touch.

Hard Water Stains Need To Be Removed
​Hard water deposits minerals on glass and other surfaces, leaving white circles and marks that can be difficult to remove. It’s best not to try to take these off on your own. Without the right tools, it’s extremely easy to scratch or scrape the glass — and unlike the hard water stains, scratches can’t be removed. A professional window cleaning crew can get rid of hard water stains and other mineral deposits, getting you back to a clear view.