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Totino’s Property Services

We are a complete window cleaning service that covers HRM and surrounding areas. Our services include: Residential, Retail, Commercial.


Residential Window Cleaning

We provide you with top quality, environmentally-friendly window cleaning services. Our products are non-toxic and non-allergenic. That is good for your family members and your pets. You will see the difference that professional window cleaning makes when your windows are completely spotless!!

We are:
• Covered by $5,000,000 liability insurance.
• Fully WCB compliant.
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, we will offer our services until you are satisfied - free of charge.
• Fully licensed according to Canadian Safety Standards.
• When entering your home we always remove our shoes and use drop cloths to protect your floors. On the outside, we are careful to avoid damaging plants and flowerbeds, and we use covers on our ladders to avoid scratching surfaces.

We offer two differing types of residential window cleaning:
Basic Maintenance Cleaning: Seasonal cleaning with non-toxic soap and water to remove dirt, and normal debris from your home windows.
Detailed Stain Removal: Careful removal of water stains and other tough build-up, with our specialized products.
We service interior windows, frames and glass balconies. We offer a flexible schedule.